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  • The Ultimate Kit

The full professional system including a 5 amp booster light for 50% quicker results. 

The highly effective ingredients in our Ultimate teeth whitening kits are the pre treatment liquid, non peroxide formula gel (now with 3 gels), laser LED light and the handy pen. These 4 components combined work together to achieve an amazing sparkly white smile, with proven outstanding and long lasting results.

The pre treatment included in our ultimate kit rapidly removes all surface stains such as red wine, coffee, smoking and even tea. 

The non peroxide gel we supply in the ultimate kit is in three large 10ml syringes, allowing for up to 40 treatments. To apply the gel, all you have to do is syringe a line of it into the trays and place into your mouth, resting the trays against your teeth. Leave the gel on your teeth for between 30 - 60 mins at a time. The gel will be actively working on making your smile up to a shade lighter each time it is used.

The booster laser LED light included in the ultimate kit rapidly accelerates the process when used with our specially formulated gel. The lamp uses a light frequency to help break down the gels molecules quickly and safely, this speeds up the whole process. Learn more about how the LED accelerator lamp supplied in this kit achieves fast results, click here.

The teeth whitening pen allows you to top up on the go - it's so easy. Simply apply a thin layer of the highly effective gel directly onto your teeth, allow to dry for around 60 seconds and you're ready to go. This pen will prolong your results, for more information click here.

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you and an inexpensive way to improve your looks. Boost your confidence today with the best and most effective kit from TeethWhiteningKits2You. All our products are manufactured in Europe and comply with all EU legislation meaning you are getting a safe and quality assured product.

Contents of our Ultimate kits are:-

  • 2 x 5ml Pre treatment liquid.
  • A tooth swab to apply the pre treatment liquid.
  • 3 massive 10ml advanced gel syringes.
  • 1 set of dual arch moulds.
  • 1 5 amp LED Lamp and free batteries 
  • A non peroxide pen, enough for 20 to 25 applications.
  • Shade guide to help you see how much whiter your smile is.
  • A storage box
  • Free UK delivery - next day delivery is also available.


Our laboratory, as well as all of our equipment, is compliant with EC European standards and is fitted with production tools that establish new quality standards in the production of dental whitening processes.
Thanks to our equipment's performance level and our team's training in GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics).
Furthermore, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, our production site has been declared to the ANSM (National Security Agency of the Medicaments and Healt Products ), which inspects and approves our products and equipment.


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The Ultimate Kit

  • £29.99

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