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Why Are Lights Used During Teeth Whitening Treatments?

If you've never whitened your teeth before, sorting through all of the items found in teeth whitening kits can be overwhelming. In addition to teeth whitening gels and trays, some treatment kits include other accessories that may be surprising or unfamiliar to you. One of the teeth whitening accessories that many people ask us about here at Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You is our LED light trays. We frequently get questions about what they are and why they're beneficial, so we put together this brief article to explain.

How Teeth Whitening Works

To understand why lights are often used for teeth whitening treatments, you first need to understand how teeth whitening gel works. Stains on your teeth may be visible right on the surface, but actually they usually reside deeper in the layers of enamel that make up your teeth. The best teeth whitening gels on the market contain bleaching agents like sodium perborate. This substance chemically reacts to the material in stains and can dissolve it. The reason why the teeth whitening gel is so effective is that the bleaching agent can reach the stains that reside deep in the dental enamel.

The Theory Behind Lights

Teeth whitening gel works on its own; however, many experts have long believed that light helps to make the bleaching agents that give the gels their whitening properties more effective. Exposing the bleaching agents to light is believed to speed up the chemical reaction between the active ingredient and the stain to help whitening happen at faster rates.

What Science Says

Laser light has long been used as a part of clinical whitening treatments to enhance the benefits of the gels applied in the office, but there has been some debate about whether or not milder lighting that's safe for home use could offer similar benefits. A study that was published this past April showed that LED lights could increase the whitening effects of bleaching agents. The study found that lights made whitening gel more effective on all types of stains but that the difference was most pronounced when treating yellow staining.

Adding Light to At-Home Treatment

Based on the recent study findings and the advice of many experts, many people wish to use LED lights as a part of their own home teeth whitening treatment. The simplest way to do this is with a tray that has a light already attached to it. The light can be turned on to shine right on the teeth throughout the treatment. The more lights the trays have, the better the potential benefits. The most advanced light trays will have 5 or 7 lights.

You can shop our selection of teeth whitening kits here at Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You to find models that include our LED light trays. Our teeth whitening gel is shown to lighten teeth up to 11 shades in just 2 weeks, and our latest whitening trays enhance the performance of the gel to help you get the best possible results.

Author - Sharron Hunt