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Home Tooth Whitening Made Simple

Skeptical about teeth whitening kits? Many people are, and it's easy to understand why. With professional dentists offering teeth whitening services, many people assume that products made for use at home just can't be as effective as the ones used in the office; however, the latest products truly can produce great results without requiring you to sit in the dentist's chair. Using a whitening product at home doesn't have to be difficult either. Just keep these basic tips in mind to make whitening at home as simple as possible:

1. Choose a complete kit. A lot goes into an effective at home teeth whitening treatment. First, you need your teeth whitening gel, the product that contains the whitening agent that removes the stains. You also need trays to hold the gel in place during your treatment and applicators to assist with dispensing and applying the gel. Experts also recommend that you use LED lights to improve the rate of whitening during a treatment and that you apply pre-treatment products to ready your teeth for the gel. This sounds like a lot to shop for, but you can make it simple by choosing a kit that includes everything you need. This will also save you money off the cost of your tooth whitening supplies.

2. Opt for custom trays. The fit of your tooth whitening trays can make all the difference between a messy, difficult treatment and a simple one. When trays fit properly, you won't experience oozing and seeping, and you'll be able to wear the trays comfortably for the duration of the treatment. Instead of choosing a kit with one-size-fits-all trays, look for one that gives you the ability to have trays made especially for your mouth. These kits include supplies for creating a plaster mould of your teeth that you send away to a lab to have trays crafted exactly to the shape and size of your mouth.

3. Use a shade chart. When you're whitening your teeth, results develop gradually over the course of the treatment period, which is typically 2 weeks. Many people find it difficult to notice the subtle changes that occur over time, but a shade chart can make it simple. A chart features a range of tooth colours from deeply stained to perfectly white. Before you start treatment, you compare the chart to your teeth and mark the point that it matches. Then, after each treatment, you can re-check and easily see your progress.

4. Stock up on maintenance products. You'll want to keep your pearly white grin looking great for as long as possible. To make maintenance easy, choose a kit that comes with extra gel for monthly touch-ups or with a whitening pen for spot treatments.

If you want to truly keep teeth whitening simple, kits from TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk are the perfect solution. The online store sells complete kits, including ones with custom trays, and they ship for free to addresses in the UK and for a low price to destinations worldwide.

Author - Sharron Hunt