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Teeth Whitening Products Review Crest 3D Whitestrips 2 Hour Expr

Crest is a well known, well trusted brand in the teeth whitening world. Crest has been manufacturing toothpastes and other mouth cleaning items for a vast number of years, and their amazing teeth whitening strips are one of newest, most sought after innovations in the industry. Today, we are going to take a look at one of their more interesting whitening strip products, called Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2 Hour Express.

What sets the 2 hour express whitening strips apart from it's companions, is that these strips are designed to be worn for a longer amount of time than others- for a full two hours, in fact. Since these strips can be worn for a longer amount of time, they can create results quicker and more efficiently than those designed to be worn for one half an hour or so. Due to the overall potency contained in this product, these specific strips are for people who have moderate to severe tooth discoloration, including yellow or staining. That means that those of you who have mild discoloration- say, one or two stains or a yellowing so light people can hardly notice- should probably opt for one of the other whitening strips instead, so as to not overdo it.

There are four sets of teeth whitening strips (eight total- four for each the top and bottom teeth) contained in each package. Results from just one whitening procedure should last you up to three months. This means that each package contains enough whitening strips for one whole calender year! When you look at this fact in conjunction with the affordable price, you can see that these strips are worth every single penny you spend on them.

The 2 Hour Express teeth whitening strips are equipped with Crest's famous Advanced Seal technology. It is this innovative technology that allows the whitening strips to stay on your teeth throughout the whitening process. More than just sticking to your teeth, these strips will shape themselves to the form of your teeth, allowing them to stay in constant, direct contact with every inch of your teeth during the entirety of the procedure. Obviously, this means that the results you receive will be complete- not to mention absolutely astonishing in every way.

The components found in the whitening formula are those very same ingredients you would find used by dentists around the world. These components are both safe and effective on your teeth, allowing you not just a brighter smile, but a healthier mouth in general. Since whitening procedures help to get rid of the bacteria that causes staining, you will be able to notice a distinctly fresh feeling after you have completed your whitening.