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Teeth Whitening Products: Crest 3D White Strips Advanced Vivid

Crest 3D White Strips Advanced Vivid comes in a pack containing 28 strips. This is enough for 14 applications to both the top and bottom of your teeth. Crest is a brand that has been supplying teeth cleaning and teeth whitening products for a great many years, and is known to be a brand you can trust for all of your teeth related needs. This is of the utmost importance because when using these types of products, it is your mouth and smile that are at stake. When you think about the fact that your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you, you can see exactly what I mean.

While using Crest's teeth whitening strips, you are enabled to go about your normal activities while you whiten your teeth. The only thing you really must do is place the strips on your teeth. Then you can go about your daily routine while you wait through the allotted amount of time you must keep the strips on. Here are just a very few of the things you can do while whitening your teeth with Crest 3D White Strips Advanced Vivid: wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook, vacuum, go for a quick walk, watch television, play on your computer, do any 'work from home' you might have to do, do your homework, read a book, and drink water. Yes, you can even drink water while using this teeth whitening product!

A common question that people ask in regards to teeth whitening strips is how these strips stay on your teeth. They are able to stay on your teeth because of an adhesion formula that is comprised of the same formula in all other enamel-safe whitening products. Crest calls this progressive formula 'Advanced Seal,' and it works remarkably well in keeping the strips securely and properly on your teeth until you take them off yourself. This 'Advanced Seal' also enables the strips to take on the form of your teeth. This, in turn, causes you to get a better whitening application every time since the strips are able to stay in direct, perfect contact with every part of your teeth.

If you continue to use these Advanced Vivid whitening strips for half an hour each day, you should be able to see full results after only two weeks. Since there are enough strips for fourteen complete applications, that means you should only need one box to last through the entire process. Once you have finished your box of teeth whitening strips, you can expect the finished results to last as long as one entire year!

Some people may be just slightly put off by the price of these white strips, seeing as they can cost up to (but not more than) 50. Yet when you think of it in terms of the results lasting an entire year, you should be able to see that they are more than worth the price paid. That's just a little more than 5 a month. If you want to look at it in day to day terms, that's less than two cents a day! With prices and results like we've mentioned, there is no reason not to try out Crest Whitening strips for yourself.