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The Benefits of Teeth Whitening Kits

There are many benefits to be enjoyed by those who choose to use an at home, over the counter teeth whitening kits to brighten their smile. The primary benefit of these kits is that they leave you with a noticeably whiter and brighter smile. Because your smile is often one of the aspects of your appearance that people first notice, it can help you create a better first impression when you meet new people.

The results that a tooth whitening kit produces are not permanent, but they can often last as long as twelve months. There are touch up kits that are available for purchase to use when you need them. Most teeth whitening kits are quite affordable, being priced well below the $49.99 price point, and while the ingredients that are found in these kits are the same ones used in a dentist's office, they have been specially formulated to work safely with the enamel of your teeth.

There are several, temporary negative side effects that can be associated with the use of a teeth whitening kit, including increased tooth sensitivity. Individuals who have receding gums or sensitive teeth should discuss their condition with their dentist before choosing to employ the use of a tooth whitening kit. Additionally, these kits cannot be used by individuals who have an allergy to hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to choosing a teeth whitening kit, you will have two primary options to choose from: over the counter kits and professionally dispensed take home whitening kits. As aforementioned, most over the counter kits are priced below £49.99, and the average cost of a take home kit dispensed by your dentist will cost, on average, between £99.99 and £400.00. If you choose to purchase an over the counter kit, then you will need to look for a teeth whitening kit that has earned the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

Before choosing to use a tooth whitening kit, there are several considerations you will need to take into account. For example, teeth whitening is not going to work on all types of discoloration. Teeth that have acquired a brownish or grayish color are not going to bleach well at all. Additionally, if any of your teeth have bonded or have tooth colored fillings, then these particular areas are not going to bleach, which may cause slightly noticeable discoloration.

Most over the counter teeth whitening kits are going to consist of strips that must be placed over your upper and lower teeth each day for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Depending upon the particular kit you choose, you may have to repeat this procedure for up 14 days. However, when you choose to use over the counter teeth whitening kits, you will be able to enjoy the flexibility of doing other activities while the bleaching agent is at work.