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How to Use Crest Whitening Strips

If you would like to have a noticeably whiter and brighter smile, then Crest Whitening Strips can provide you with the exact results you are looking for. These strips contain the same active ingredients, hydrogen peroxide, that is used by professional dentists around the UK. There are five different levels of whitening strips to choose from, and you can select the level that will provide the particular results that you are looking for.

Before you begin using these whitening strips, you will first need to consult with your dentist. It will be important to receive a dental evaluation before you begin using these strips. While these strips can be safely used with individuals who have sensitive gums or teeth, if the enamel of your teeth has been compromised, then you may need to wait until they are healthier before you begin using the strips.

The next step will be to choose the appropriate level of whitening power. There are five different whitening systems to choose from, and each one operates in a different fashion. Your five options will include: Classic, Premium, Premium Plus, Renewal, and Daily Care. Once you have chosen the appropriate system, your next step will be to purchase the system from the website of TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk, where you will find some of the most affordable prices on the Internet.

Before you begin using these strips, make certain that you read the directions very carefully. Each different level of Crest Whitening Strips will have a specific number of days that it must be used to obtain the best results and a set amount of time that it must be worn each day. If you accidentally wear the strips for too long, it can potentially damage the enamel of your teeth. Following the directions closely will be very important.

Next, you should apply the strips to your teeth. The strips should be used removed from the box, and the backing should be removed from each strip. As you place the strips on your teeth, you should be careful to align each one with Then, you will need to fold the bottom half of the strip across the back of the teeth. The same process should then be repeated with a strip along your bottom teeth.

The time that you are required to wear Crest whitening strips each day will vary, but in general, you will be required for them to wear the strips for 30 minutes a day, twice a day. The exception to this rule is the Daily Care strips, which are only worn for 5 minutes a day. After you are finished removing the strips, make sure to wear your hands thoroughly. Additionally, you should also ensure that you are careful not to swallow any of the whitening formula of the strips.

As a final word of caution, you should not eat, drink, or smoke cigarettes when you are wearing the strips, and after using the strips, you may experience some slight tooth sensitivity, but this will disappear shortly. Finally, avoid using these strips if you wear dentures or braces.