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How Does Carbamide Peroxide Whiten My Teeth?

Carbamide peroxide, which is also commonly referred to as percarbamide peroxide, is a bleaching agent that is commonly used to whiten an individual's teeth. Many dentists also use it relieve minor dental irritation, and other doctors have also used it to dissolve earwax. Because it is somewhat gentler than regular hydrogen peroxide, it has become a popular ingredient in at home teeth whitening kits. It is ideal for those who suffer from tooth or gum sensitivity.

Carbamide peroxide works in a different fashion that hydrogen peroxide. The active ingredients in carbamide essentially break themselves down, which allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin of your teeth. The oxygen, combined with the chemical properties of the carbamide, attacks the bonds present in the molecules of the stains, removing them and leaving your teeth a whiter, brighter color. In other words, carbamide is an effective ingredient when it comes to whitening your teeth.

There are multiple different teeth whitening kits that feature carbamide in their list of active ingredients. It can be tempting to simply choose the kit that offers the highest concentration of carbamide. In actuality, this is not exactly how it works. Although carbamide is considered to be gentler than hydrogen peroxide, it can still be caustic to human flesh and teeth. This is where erring on the safe side of caution will work in your benefit.

Most dentists are going to recommend that you look for a teeth whitening kit that offers a bleaching solution that is around 16% carbamide peroxide. In general, this is considered to be the ideal solution that will provide you with the whiter, brighter smile you are looking for, without causing any damage to your teeth. Before purchasing a whitening kit, also make certain to ascertain what the percentage of carbamide is.

As aforementioned, carbamide is the bleaching agent of choice for individuals who suffer from sensitive gums and teeth. Carbamide is used in many different types of over the counter whitening products, including toothpastes, gels, pens, and strips. If you are confused as to which product you should choose, then you are strongly encouraged to seek out the opinion of your dentist before you begin using a particular product.

Because many people are not as familiar with carbamide peroxide as they are with hydrogen peroxide, one of the most common questions asked is how effective carbamide is at whitening teeth. First and foremost, it is important to note that there are a number of factors that will affect how well a person's teeth whiten, but on average, teeth whitening kits that contain carbamide will make your teeth between 3-5 shades lighter than they are now.

If you would like to have a whiter and brighter smile, then you are strongly encouraged to see what teeth whitening kits with carbamide peroxide can do for you. If you have ever dreamed of having a dazzling smile, now is the time to get started. Don't wait another day - visit TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk