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  • Custom Dental Made Kit - Standard

With this kit you will receive four pots of easy-putty, impression trays, two 10ml syringes of zero peroxide gel, 5ml Pre-treatment spray, a swab, whitening shade chart, straight forward instructions and a pre-paid package. Take your impressions and send back free of charge to the laboratory, in 7 days you will receive delivery of your customised upper and lower trays with a convenient case to store them in.

This custom-made standard teeth whitening kit contains trays which are produced in the UK by an expert dental laboratory with more than 30 years of experience. There is no difference between what you can buy from us and what your dentist will supply you with - apart from the expense!.

The gel and pre-treatment provided is manufactured in Europe it has been approved by trading standards and is EU Compliant. The pre-treatment and gels are used by many dental professionals across the world. This non peroxide formula gel is extremely effective and totally safe to use, 1ml of gel is enough for one treatment - this kit contains enough gel for 20 applications. Prior to using the gel, spray the Pre-treatment three times onto the swab, rub the swab along the top and bottom of your teeth for approximately two mins. Apply the gel daily for 60 mins until you have reached the level of whiteness you are pleased with.

Custom trays are created from the impressions of your own teeth, they are therefore entirely designed to your own mouth and fit like a dream.

Our order process is quick & easy and everything you need will be provided. 

To maximise the whitening process we would recommend purchasing a tooth whitening light for more details click here.

Custom Dental Made Kit - Standard includes:

2 Gels, total of 20ml

1 Pre-treatment 5ml spray  

2 White impression putty

2 Coloured putty

1 Upper impression tray

1 Lower tray

1 Swab

1 Shade Chart

1 Step by step instructions

1 Clear medical packet for completed impressions

1 Mailing packet for returning completed impressions.

Please note: This item is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. 

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Custom Dental Made Kit - Standard

  • £60.99

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