Whiten Your Teeth at Home

While you enjoy eating your favorite foods, they are taking a toll on your white smile. Berries, beets, dark soft drinks, and smoking not only stain the plaque on your teeth, but also can seep into your tooth enamel. As we age, our tooth enamel grows thinner and the surface under the enamel is exposed. This yellow colored surface is called dentin. Between aging and our diet and lifestyle, our teeth start to turn yellow.

Having a dentist professionally whiten your teeth is the best way to get those pearly whites. However, with the high cost of modern dentistry, knowing there are systems that will let you whiten your teeth at home is a good thing to know. One thing to remember is that teeth whiteners do not work on veneers or other types of dental work. It only whitens your natural teeth.

Now that the UK has banned any peroxide solution for use that contains more than 1 percent in a whitening solution, this leaves trying a whitening solution that can do as well without peroxide. What’s more, the non peroxide solution at www.TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk  is effective and meets the terms of EU legislation meaning they are legal and safe to use. Peroxide makes the teeth more sensitive and is not for those with mouth sensitivity. A dentist can use up to 6 percent peroxide in their whitening solutions, but at a high price. Now with the use of gel, pens, and teeth whitening kits that are as effective without peroxide, you can whiten your teeth at home without the sensitivity.

Whitening your teeth using a home system can fit into your busy day and is easy to use. If you purchase a kit with trays, you can wear them when you are doing chores around the house, so using them takes no more time. Using a custom-made kit is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth since they are made from impressions from your own teeth, making sure the solution is against the teeth properly. The teeth whitening gel used in the kits is peroxide free and perfect for sensitive teeth.

Author Sharron Hunt


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