Whiten Together: Teeth Whitening Kits for Couples

You and your significant other have a lot in common, but do you really want stained teeth to be one of those things that unite you? Men and women are equally prone to developing tooth discolouration, and the problems that come with stained teeth like poor self-esteem can affect both sexes equally. Teeth whitening kits for couples can help both of you whiten your teeth in just 2 weeks time!

The Benefits of Whitening Together

Why should couples whiten their teeth together? There are a number of benefits to taking on the task as a couple. To get results, you need to apply teeth whitening gel daily for 2 weeks, and many people end up forgetting or not fully committing and skipping treatments, which hinders results. Whitening together gives you motivation to continue, and the two of you can remind each other to keep up with treatments. Plus, many teeth whitening kits for couples are discount priced. If you purchase supplies for both of you at once, you may be able to pay less than you would to get all of the essentials for each of you separately.

Tips for Best Results

To get the most from your experience, follow these tips:

  1. Use a teeth whitening chart to mark where each of you falls in terms of staining at the beginning of your treatment. Check your progress every day to see how you’re coming along!
  2. Apply your teeth whitening gel when you’re both at home for the evening. Watch a movie or favourite television programme while you complete your treatment.
  3. Use a pre-treatment prior to your teeth whitening gel to get the enamel ready for the treatment and ensure best results.
  4. Choose a kit with LED lights. The added benefit of light helps to speed up teeth whitening results, so both of you will get whiter smiles faster.
  5. Only buy EU-approved teeth whitening gel. Protect your teeth by choosing safe products that are in line with EU guidelines.

At TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk, you’ll find a number of kits that are designed specifically for couples to share. With the EU-approved whitening gel formulas found in our kits, both of you can have teeth that are up to 11 shades whiter in just 2 weeks! Our simple-to-use whitening kits are as safe as they are effective, and they include all of the essentials that you need to get the best results at home.

Author – Sharron HuntCouples Superior Kit

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