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A little know and rarely heard about teeth whitening product is tooth gloss. It isn’t exactly a ‘whitening’ product per say-meaning that it does not whiten your teeth in the exact sense of the word. Instead tooth gloss gives your teeth a more shiny, polished cast to them, while at the same time preventing further staining of your teeth. It’s basically the same idea that is behind beauty queens rubbing a bit of petroleum jelly on their teeth just before having to go on stage. Teeth that are already beautiful and white stand out in an even more dazzling way when they have a glossy shine on them as well. People definitely notice that there is something different about your smile, and the best part is that it is something most people will not be able to pinpoint, making it your little secret.

This wonderful tooth gloss was created using a non-peroxide formula, which means that it is the perfect solution for anyone who has the unfortunate luck of suffering from tooth sensitivity caused by whitening products with a peroxide base available at www.Teethwhiteningkits2you.co.uk .

The gloss coating is non-abrasive, so it will not hurt, harm, or otherwise cause harm to your teeth or mouth when used. These two things combined means that tooth gloss is something that anyone and everyone can use without fear.

As an extra bonus, this teeth whitening tooth gloss also helps to prevent any stains from building up on the surface of your teeth (this is where the whitening effects of the tooth gloss actually come in). This, in turn, prevents deep down stains because the staining foods, drinks, or other items do not have a chance to settle into your teeth. Since bacteria can not settle onto your teeth when you are wearing this teeth whitening tooth gloss, it can also help to promote fresher breath throughout the entirety of the day. Another effect of this bacteria not being able to settle on your teeth (and with a good brushing routine for your gums and tongue) is that you will have a healthier mouth in general, which promote better health for your entire body.

If you have any kind of big day or big event coming up, this tooth gloss would be a perfect item to work into your ‘beauty regiment’ or ‘tidying routine.’ Just a few big events that you may want to use this tooth gloss for are: weddings, business meetings, pageants, girl’s night out, a couple’s date, or even a wine tasting, as it prevents the wine from staining your teeth. This tooth gloss is, of course, perfect for your ordinary, mundane day as well.

For use as a part of your daily regiment and to help prevent stains on a continual basis, simply use this tooth gloss twice a day. You should use it once in the morning, after you brush your teeth and before you start your day, and once at night, also after brushing your teeth and after your day has ended. If you do this, you can see results that will last a vast amount of time somewhere between one and three short weeks.

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