Product Review: Instant Smile Teeth Whitening

Whitening foam is one of the newest, most exciting whitening products on the market today! If you hadn’t already heard of it, you undoubtedly would have soon- as its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds! If you aren’t already familiar with this product, it is a new product designed to work similar to your traditional toothpaste. Yes! You do brush your teeth with it!

In our quest to bring our clients nothing less than the best and most effective ingredients, we at TeethWhiteningKits2You is proud to introduce our Instant Smile Teeth Whitening Foam!

This revolutionary new product is a whitening foam that features a brand new oxygen infused whitening system. As with all of the products we offer at Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You, it is 100% free of peroxide. This product has been extensively designed and tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness and to provide you with safe, long lasting results simply and without any unnecessary fuss or mess. We offer free delivery with this product anywhere in the United Kingdom, but we also offer international shipping as well.

This non-abrasive whitening foam provides you with the whiter, brighter smile you have always dreamed of by gently removing stains from the surface of your teeth quickly and safely via the use of a foaming detergent action. The foam, which has been infused with oxygen, easily reaches those out of the way nooks and crannies that we are struggle to reach when brushing our teeth – ensuring that your teeth will be whiten evenly from all angles. The active ingredients in this patented formula are significantly stronger than those found in your ordinary whitening toothpaste. What does this mean for you?

Essentially, you will be provided with a whiter smile with minimal enamel erosion!

Do you hear that faint cheering in the background? Those are the millions of individuals all over the UK and worldwide that suffer from sensitive gums and teeth! Because the formula of this whitening foam is 100% bleach free, it is 100% safe for most individuals with sensitive gums and teeth to use.

The Instant Smile Teeth Whitening Foam is so simple to use. The system works in two parts. First, you brush your teeth with the whitening foam for approximately one minute. Then, you rinse your mouth out. For the second step, you repeat the first step. This should be done each morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed.

That’s really all there is to it! There are no messy gels or trays to contend with, and it can easily be slipped into a purse or briefcase for spot on whitening when you are on the go!

Each purchase of this product includes 1) one, 50mL dental cleaning foam solution, and 2) one, 50mL whitening foam. With free shipping and an affordable cost, there is nothing standing in your way of achieving the brilliant smile you have always dreamed of right now! Don’t wait any longer. You deserve it!

Author – Sharron Hunt

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