Introducing Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You After Care Kits

Here at Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You, we’re always thinking of new ways to help our trade customers grow their smile clinics, dental practices and salons, and we’re pleased to introduce an exciting new opportunity – After Care Kits!

As a teeth whitening professional, you know that no clinical teeth whitening treatment can provide permanent results. Keeping a smile white after a treatment requires ongoing maintenance, and our After Care Kits are designed to help your clients and patients simply maintain their white smiles at home. These kits include the following:

– 10mL Teeth Whitening Gel – The kit includes a 10mL syringe of our EU-approved sodium perborate teeth whitening gel, a safe effective whitening agent for use at home. The single syringe provides enough gel for a total of 10 maintenance treatments, which can be performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the needs of your clients and patients.

– Silicone Dual Arch Mouth Tray – The silicone tray included in our After Care Kit is designed for comfort and to help the teeth whitening gel remain in contact with the teeth throughout treatment. It is individually wrapped in foil to keep it hygienic until use.

– Professional Shade Chart – We include a shade chart with the kit to help your clients and patients monitor the whiteness levels of their smiles. This can help them effectively time their maintenance treatments.

– Full Instructions – Our simple-to-follow instruction sheet makes it easy to perform maintenance treatments safely at home.

Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You After Care Kits come individually packaged in attractive pillow boxes that can be prominently displayed at your practice or clinic. The kits are sold in a pack of 10 at a price of £9.49, and the recommended retail price starts at £20 plus per kit, giving you the ability to earn profits for your business while providing added benefits for your clients and patients.

You can check out our Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You After Care Kit Offer to learn more about this exciting opportunity. We offer free next day delivery to addresses in the UK and low cost, fast shipping to any destination worldwide.

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Introducing a Whole New Way to Get a Whiter Smile

The Sunbed Teeth Whitening Kit

Love the way your skin looks when it’s golden tan? Maintaining your tan requires frequent trips to the tanning bed, so you have to invest a lot of your precious time into looking your best. What if you could get more out of your tanning session without having to pay a lot of money? With the new Sunbed Teeth Whitening Kit from, you can!

We’re pleased to now offer this new Kit, a revolutionary teeth whitening kit that is made especially for those who tan. The kit allows you to easily apply teeth whitening gel prior to your tanning session and then work on a whiter smile while you work on your tan. This way, you don’t have to take more time out of your day to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

The gel found in the Kit contains sodium perborate. This is the exact same ingredient used to perform laser teeth whitening treatments, and it meets all of the EU’s standards for safety. The gel is capable of dissolving surface and deep stains and can whiten the teeth several shades with only four treatments spread over a 2-week period. The secret to the effectiveness of the teeth whitening gelSunbed Kits is that it is optimised to work faster when exposed to ultraviolet light from the sunbed.

With this Kit, you get everything you need to complete your series of four treatments: the easy-to-use ultraviolet gel pen, a dental professional mouth tray to cover your top and bottom teeth, a cleaning wipe for removing gel after you tan and a pouch to keep it in. We even heat press the instructions for using the kit onto the pouch, so you won’t lose them between sessions!

With this Kit, you can greatly improve the look of your smile without investing more time in your appearance or paying more than £19.99. Our kit is available for next day delivery for addresses in the UK, and we have affordable shipping rates to all destinations worldwide.

Check out the product page to learn more about the features of our Sunbed Teeth Whitening Kit. You can purchase the product now while supplies last. If you have questions about the kit, send us an email or give us a call! 07972851625.

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Promoting Good Oral Health Teeth Whitening

Performing teeth whitening treatments at home can help you to improve the appearance of your smile, so that you look better and can feel more confident in social and professional situations. Gel intended for home use can produce great results, but you want to make sure that your treatments are beneficial, not harmful, for your teeth. Protecting your teeth and gums while whitening is truly of the utmost importance, and you can do so with ease by following these tips.

1. Choose an EU-Approved Gel. Early at-home teeth whitening kits were known to cause sensitivity problems for users, resulting in pain, heat and cold sensitivity and even permanent damage to the teeth. In order to protect consumers, the EU has passed legislation regarding teeth whitening gels. The new regulations limit how much hydrogen peroxide can be used in teeth whitening for home use. When you’re shopping for gels, only consider those that are in line with EU standards to ensure you’re not exposing your teeth to dangerous chemicals.

2. Read and Follow the Instructions. Your teeth whitening gel or teeth whitening kit will contain usage instructions. While the kit may seem very straightforward once you’ve unpacked its contents, it’s very important that you spend the time reading the instructions from start to finish. All teeth whitening gel formulas are slightly different, so even if you have used teeth whitening kits at home before, you should take the time to read the instructions. Following the guidelines as written will help you to avoid any unwanted complications.

3. Use a Timer. The gel should only be left on for as long a period of time that is recommended. Extending your treatment could cause sensitivity of the teeth or gums. Setting a timer on your smart phone or using a kitchen timer can help you avoid going over on the treatment time. Some teeth whitening kits include some type of timer to assist you. For example, our booster lights shut off at the end of the treatment time to let you know that you should remove the trays.

4. Continue Your Oral Hygiene Routine. Teeth whitening does not remove bacteria and food particles from the teeth, even if you’re applying a cleaner or pre-treatment prior to the gel. You must still brush your teeth at least two times daily and floss every day to promote good dental health.

5. Limit Acidic Foods. Even EU-approved products can sensitise your teeth and gums and make them temporarily more vulnerable to the effects of astringent foods. Be cautious about consuming foods with large amounts of acids, such as fruits, fruit juices and tomato sauce until your treatments are finished.

Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You sells only EU-approved products. Our products are very straightforward and easy to use, so that you can ensure safe results. Shop our complete line of teeth whitening kits and gels today to find the best solution to your tooth discolouration concerns.

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Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons

Just as stunts and rash actions come with a ‘don’t try this at home’, certain procedures are best left in the hands of trained professionals. Tooth whitening is one such procedure, yielding excellent results when left to the dentist and trained professionals, making it a preferred mode of treatment, as opposed to the home techniques. Performing the treatment at home is not only cheap, but also flexible, as per our schedule. However, no treatment can be considered a definite success, unless the treatment is completely done with. But, when left to our own choice, there seems to be a significant increase in the number of dropouts and incomplete treatment. Particularly in a treatment where the whitening tray is to be worn, by protocol, when there is even a minor deviation, there could be visibly poor results seen in the ‘patient’.

Surreal Expectations:

When the home treatment has been opted for, it is always ideal to have more realistic expectations. It is normal and apt to expect teeth whitening by 1 or 2 shades. It is not possible to attain sparkly white teeth, practically immediately. For those with higher expectations, it is better to opt for certain permanent methods like cosmetic veneers. There are fewer people without a decayed tooth versus, those with. And most with tooth decay generally tends to opt for tooth whitening. Particularly for those with decayed teeth, home treatment would not be ideal. The bleaching agent used does not affect the normal and health teeth. But, in case of presence of a decayed tooth, the agent would react with that tooth and could possibly erode it even further. So, it is always fit to make arrange for a meeting with the dentist to get your teeth.

Why Is It Okay to do a Home Whitening Treatment?

The procedure is simple enough to be done, without requiring the constant guidance of the dentist. When it is done self-medicated, the overall cost also reduces significantly, particularly without the dentist consultancy fee. It also gives us the freedom to perform the procedure at convenient times, extending from 2 weeks to 2 months. The entire process takes 3 to 4 days, and when it is done at home, you have to privilege of waiting it out from the comforts of your own home.

Why should you go for professional teeth whitening?

Every person is different. There are chances that you might experience some allergic response to certain substances in the whitening kit. In such cases, it is always better to have a dentist at hand, to offer timely advice at the least. The effects of whitening might be reduced, based on the compliance of the patient. As an amateur, the mixture of the bleaching agents needs to be done precisely right. In case the mixture is not right, then the teeth could end up with a translucent look.

While most people prefer the home whitening option, the success invariably depends on commitment, quality and materials used. Also, the extent of the treatment also depends upon the discoloration and quality of the teeth. To assess these factors, at least one check-up with the dentist is mandatory.

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Best Picks for your Brightest Smile Ever

Thinking about whitening your teeth at home? There are now hundreds of teeth whitening kits and other teeth whitening products available for purchase to use outside of dentist’s offices and smile clinics. While this means it’s possible to get your smile brighter than you ever dreamed, it can also make it difficult to know just what to purchase. Here are six essential items that you should choose to make sure that your teeth whitening is a success.

1. Teeth Whitening Gel – Teeth whitening gel is the most important part of putting together your own teeth whitening kits for use at home. The gel is the material that works on the stains, dissolving them with the power of hydrogen peroxide. No other whitening product is able to penetrate the enamel as deeply to dissolve deep stains. Clinical studies have found that teeth whitening gel can lighten teeth by several shades within just 2 weeks while still being safe for the teeth and gums.

2. Teeth Whitening Pre-Treatment – Preparing your teeth for an at-home teeth whitening kit can lead to more noticeable results from every treatment. Pre-treatment products cleanse the dental enamel, removing debris that can interfere with the actions of teeth whitening gel. The pre-treatment also helps the teeth whitening gel react with stains for optimal performance.

3. Cheek Retractors – Many people find it difficult to apply teeth whitening gel to their back teeth, which is why cheek retractors can be great accessories to add to teeth whitening kits. These retractors draw back the sides of the mouth, so that they do not rub against the teeth and remove the teeth whitening gel. They also make it easier to reach all of the surfaces of each tooth.

4. Applicator Brushes – It’s very easy to miss a spot when you’re applying teeth whitening gel, so you may find as your at-home treatment progresses that you need to place extra teeth whitening gel onto certain spots of the teeth. You can do this easily with specially designed applicator brushes. Their small tips can even fit between the teeth to reach stubborn stains.

5. Whitening Pens – Even the most effective teeth whitening kits can’t produce permanent whitening results. This makes it important that you develop a maintenance plan to help keep your teeth white and bright after you’ve finished using your teeth whitening gel. Teeth whitening pens make touch-ups quick and easy, as you can use their tips to apply teeth whitening gel right to areas that are showing signs of discolouration.

6. LED Activators – To take your teeth whitening to the next level, invest in an LED activator, which uses safe lighting to accelerate the stain-fighting actions of teeth whitening gel.

At, we carry teeth whitening kits that come packed with many of the best picks for promoting brighter smiles, and we have a wide variety of teeth whitening accessories available to help you get great results at home. Shop now and get free delivery to the UK and affordable shipping to all other locations around the world.

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Safe and Effective Tooth Whitening

Surveys among adults of all ages show that when people are asked what they would like to change about their teeth the most, the colour of the teeth is the answer given the most often. Staining and discolouration of the teeth is a common problem that affects nearly everyone to some degree. While you can’t prevent your teeth from becoming discoloured due to heredity, aging, medications or foods and drinks, you can take steps to remove stains through teeth whitening.

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, it’s important that you find a teeth whitening product that is both safe and effective. Here are some things to look for that indicate a product is likely to work well and be as safe as possible:

1. The whitening product can reach deep stains. The reason why stains on the teeth are so difficult to remove is that they typically are not resting on the outer surface of the teeth. Even though it may seem like stains are shallow, they typically lie in the lower layers of dental enamel. Products like whitening toothpastes and rinses generally cannot address deeper stains, so they cannot completely address discolouration. By contrast, teeth whitening kits that contain hydrogen peroxide are able to penetrate the outer covering of the enamel and act on deeper stains.

2. The whitening product meets EU standards. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective whitening agent for the teeth, but unfortunately, it can be harmful for the dental enamel when it is too concentrated. The EU has established guidelines for hydrogen peroxide levels to make at-home whitening products as safe as possible. Only purchasing products in line with EU hydrogen peroxide concentration rules will help you protect your teeth.

3. The whitening product does not contain abrasives. Many whitening toothpastes contain fine particulates or granules called abrasives. These materials are used to scrape away from stains from the dental enamel, which in the process can actually scratch the teeth. Scratches can lead to tooth sensitivity and discomfort, making it important to avoid abrasive teeth whitening products.

4. The whitening product is sold by a dentist or is available wholesale for sale by dentists. A good indication that a teeth whitening product is safe and effective is if it is commonly sold by dentists or used by professionals for in-office treatments. Many websites sell professional whitening kits for home use.

At, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest teeth whitening kits on the market. All of our products meet the EU requirements for safe peroxide levels. At the same time, they are clinically shown to whiten teeth by up to 11 shades in just 2 weeks of use. Our whitening kits are used in smile clinics and dentist’s practices around the world, and our products are completely free of abrasives to protect your dental enamel. You can shop our entire collection of whitening products, which features kits in an array of sizes to suit your needs.

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The Many Benefits of Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world, and it’s easy to understand why. Stained and discoloured teeth are a very common problem and one that can greatly harm a person’s self-image and self-esteem. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening is non-invasive and fast, and high quality tooth whitening gel is unlikely to case side effects. There’s no downtime required after treatment, and most procedures can be done in under an hour. In fact, teeth whitening kits make teeth whitening so simple and effective that more and more dentists are beginning to forgo in-office procedures entirely by simply selling tooth whitening gel for teeth whitening at home.

There are a number of reasons why teeth whitening at home is becoming more popular and preferred by dentists. Here is a look at just a few of the benefits of using tooth whitening gel at home:

– You can watch television or do chores around the house while using tooth whitening gel, making it easy to fit treatments into your own schedule.

– Performing whitening treatments at home eliminates the need to visit a dentist’s office, a benefit for people with busy schedules who can’t give up a lunch hour or time after work to schedule an appointment.

– Purchasing take-home teeth whitening kits allows for customisation. Patients can use the tooth whitening gel as many times as needed and purchase extra syringes or vials for touch-ups.

– The latest tooth whitening kits contain the same active ingredients as those used for in-office procedures and can be activated with an ordinary LED light for enhanced results. The very best kits can lighten the teeth up to several shades in just 2 weeks.

– Tooth whitening gel that meets EU guidelines for safe hydrogen peroxide levels are unlikely to cause sensitivity of the teeth or gum irritation.

At, we only sell home use gels that are in line with EU guidelines.

– Unlike whitening toothpastes, the gels in whitening kits do not scratch the dental enamel. They are also far more effective at removing deeper stains than toothpastes and mouth rinses, which typically only impact the outer surfaces of the teeth.

– Teeth whitening kits are very simple to use. The best kits come with clear instructions that are simple to follow. Dentists can also provide brief lessons to their patients on how to properly use the products for teeth whitening at home.

– Whitening kits can be used by dentists as promotional items. Many dental professionals offer free whitening kits to those who undergo other cosmetic dentistry procedures or to patients who come in for a set number of cleanings and exams. supplies teeth whitening products to dentists’ offices for in-office treatment and for selling as take-home teeth whitening kits. We also sell our teeth whitening gel directly to the public for teeth whitening at home. Whether you’re a professional or just a person who wants to get the benefits of having whiter teeth, can help you with our safe, EU-approved tooth whitening gel kits.

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How Do I Maintain My Newly Whitened Smile?

If you’ve purchased one of the teeth whitening kits for at home use from, you’re definitely loving your new smile, and you’re sure to want to keep it looking great. In order to get the most out of your tooth whitening gel, follow these five maintenance tips.

1. Avoid Stain-Causing Drinks. One of the biggest mistakes that people make after using tooth whitening gel is to go back to old habits that caused stains to form in the first place. Cutting back on tea, coffee and red wine can help to keep your smile whiter for as long as possible. When you do enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of red wine, brush your teeth immediately afterwards whenever possible. This will help to remove residues that could stain your teeth if allowed to linger in place.

2. Visit the Dentist Regularly. Tartar build-up can detract from a beautifully whitened smile. This hard scaly substance builds up on the teeth when plaque is not removed fully when you brush and floss. Once tartar forms, it cannot be removed safely at home with a toothbrush. Only a dental hygienist or dentist can safely lift away tartar, making it important that you see your dentist as often as he or she recommends. Doing so won’t just help you maintain the results that you got from one of our teeth whitening kits; it will also help to ensure that your teeth and gums are in the best of health.

3. Touch-Up Often. No matter how diligent you are with oral care, you may still develop stains on your teeth, particularly if genetics played a role in the discolouration. You should inspect your teeth on a weekly basis, keeping an eye out for signs of new stains or discolouration. Purchase an extra syringe or two of teeth whitening gel to have on hand for when you notice stains. You don’t have to use the trays included in teeth whitening kits for touch-ups. Simply apply the tooth whitening gel directly to the affected area with an applicator brush for targeted stain fighting.

4. Add Some Crunch to Your Diet. Raw fruits and vegetables can help to clean the surface of the teeth and remove some surface stains. Plus, the vitamins and minerals that they contain will help to keep your teeth healthy.

5. Stop Smoking. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about the best way for you to quit. Smoking is very harmful for the entire body and one of the biggest causes of stained teeth. Giving up the habit will go a long way toward helping you maintain the results of teeth whitening kits.

These simple-to-follow tips will help you to keep your smile looking white for years to come. You can purchase tooth whitening gel for touch-ups, applicator brushes and additional teeth whitening kits for future use from

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Top 8 Reasons to Say No to Stained Teeth

At, we specialize in the sale of quality teeth whitening kits for professional use and for teeth whitening at home. We got into this business because we believe that everyone can benefit from having a whiter smile. If you’ve been considering using teeth whitening gel but haven’t committed yet, here are 10 big reasons why you should stop procrastinating and start the process of teeth whitening at home!

1. Your confidence will increase. If your teeth are stained, you can’t help but feel self-conscious. Imagine being able to feel more confident about how you look and being able to focus on being yourself and not having to worry about if someone is looking at the stains on your teeth.

2. You’ll smile more. People who have stained teeth often smile less fully or less often, even without realizing it. This can make a person seem unhappy and unapproachable. After using a teeth whitening gel, you’ll find yourself grinning far more often. Smiling has a dramatic impact upon mood and will even have you feeling cheerier during difficult times.

3. Your friends and family will notice. Even if the people that you see all the time are accustomed to seeing stains on your teeth now and don’t even notice them, they’ll see the change when you’re finished using one of our teeth whitening kits. It always feels good to receive compliments, and your confidence will soar as everyone tells you how nice you look.

4. You’ll be more appealing to the opposite sex. A nice smile is an attractive attribute that will make you more appealing whether you’re single or in a relationship.

5. You’ll see benefits at work. Three-quarters of people think that having a whiter smile is an asset on the job, and there’s a good chance that your boss and your customers among them. Having a white smile sends a message that you’re conscientious and care about your appearance, which is a great image to promote around the office.

6. You’ll look better in photographs. You won’t have to Photoshop the yellow off your teeth ever again after teeth whitening treatment at home!

7. You’ll make a better first impression. First impressions are largely based off of appearance, so you don’t want your stained teeth to be the thing that people notice and remember the most. A whiter smile will send a positive message to people you’re meeting for the first time, helping you socially, romantically and professionally.

8. You won’t experience side effects. When you purchase teeth whitening kits from, you can be certain that you’ll see results without any unwanted side effects. Our teeth whitening gel is EU-approved, ensuring that it’s gentle to the teeth and gums. Our products don’t cause sensitivity, but they are still powerful enough to whiten teeth by several shades.

There you have it: eight reasons to say no to stained teeth and get on the path to a whiter smile. Shop our collection of teeth whitening kits to find the best product to get you started.

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TeethWhiteningKits2you is Where the Future of your Smile Lies

Did you know that 97 per cent of people believe a smile is important to a person’s social life and that three-quarters of people believe that a nice smile is helpful in the professional world? That means that the majority of the people that you meet every day value the look of an attractive smile. When you look in the mirror, if you’re not seeing a bright, healthy smile, others are seeing the same thing when they talk to you and catch sight of your grin. Could your smile be hurting your chances for a successful future?

Not Happy With Your Smile? You’re Not Alone!

If you feel like a bomb has been dropped on you reading the statistics about how much people value smiles that means you already have doubts about how nice your teeth appear to others. Many people feel just like you–that their smile really isn’t something to smile about. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with the smile that you have. You can change the future of the appearance of your teeth through cosmetic dentistry treatments.

The Most Common Smile Complaints

So what are the biggest detractors from a smile? One of the biggest smile turnoffs is having crooked teeth. This problem is one that can be corrected through orthodontic treatments, but these often cost thousands and require the wearing of uncomfortable appliances and headgear. The second biggest turnoff reported in surveys is much easier to address-stained teeth! Staining of the teeth is a very common problem that affects many and occurs when the teeth become discolored by medicines, smoking, tea, coffee, red wine and other foods and drinks. Taking steps to avoid these common sources of staining can help to keep your teeth whiter, but how do you deal with stains that have already developed on your teeth? Teeth whitening kits are the answer!

How to Deal with Stains the Safe Way

Teeth whitening kits are tubes of teeth whitening gel packaged together for completing treatments at home. Teeth whitening gel uses chemicals to dissolve away stains, leaving the outer and lower layers of the enamel brighter and whiter. When you’re shopping for teeth whitening kits, it’s important that you look for one that meets the EU standards for safety. Products that do not comply with regulations may contain dangerously high levels of peroxide that can inflame the gums and cause tooth sensitivity and other side effects. To meet the EU requirements, teeth whitening gel products cannot contain more than .1 percent peroxide by volume.


If you want whiter teeth to be in your future, is ready to help. We have a variety of teeth whitening kits available, and all of our products meet EU standards for hydrogen peroxide levels and overall safety. In clinical tests, our teeth whitening gel was shown to reduce stains and make teeth 11 shades whiter after just 2 weeks of treatment, and because our ingredients are mild, they won’t leave your gums irritated or your teeth sensitive to heat and cold. Visit to check out our teeth whitening kits options!

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