Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening: Your Whitening Solution For Sensitive Teeth

Why should you allow your sensitive teeth get in the way of having a fantastic smile that everyone just has to notice? A lot of people in the past have had to forgo whitening their teeth, just because they couldn’t handle the sensitivity they experienced when using teeth whitening products. But those days are past! Anyone who has teeth sensitivity can once again jump of the white teeth bandwagon with ease and with limit, if any, pain at all!

How is this possible? Through non peroxide teeth whitening products. Still don’t understand? It’s simple. Let me explain. The reason that most people experience pain or sensitivity after teeth¬† whitening, or during the process itself, is the peroxide contained in the products. In most whitening products, peroxide in one of two forms (either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide) are the active ingredients. That exact same ingredient, which can product amazing results, effects some people’s teeth in a slightly painful (or in rare instances, extremely painful) way.

Non peroxide whitening takes care of the problem in exactly the way it suggests: it takes away the peroxide that causes the sensitivity. Instead, they use an ingredient called Sodium Bicarbonate, which has been clinically proven to be gentler on your teeth,while still working just as well as the leading peroxide based brands. Interesting fact: Sodium Bicarbonate is also know as baking soda, which is something that people have been using to naturally whiten and brighten their smiles for generations now.

As an added bonus, these non peroxide whitening brands and teeth whitening kits include added all-natural ingredients instead of a bunch of extra stuff made in laboratories. Some of the all-natural ingredients you may find in various non peroxide teeth whitening bands include: sodium fluoride, Aloe Vera, pomegranate, chamomile, and vitamin D. Here’s what these great, natural ingredients can help with:

Sodium Fluoride- Is an ingredient that is known to help strengthen tooth enamel. It also helps to cure sensitivity, and prevent any additional sensitivity from occurring.

Aloe Vera- Helps to promote healthier gums, and teeth. This helps to create an overall healthier mouth, not just a brighter smile.

Pomegranate- Aids in quickening the whitening process, so that you can expect quicker results. Also helps to kill any plaque that has built up on your teeth.

Chamomile- Helps to prevent nasty, painful mouth ulcers. It also kills the bacteria that can build up in your mouth during  your day to day routine.

Vitamin D- A natural aid in helping to prevent the loss of teeth. It does this by strengthening your teeth in a way that is natural to the human mouth and body.

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