Introducing the Instant Smile Kit!

Here at, we love getting feedback from our customers, and many of you have told us that you wish there was a way for you to get even faster results with teeth whitening. Well, we heard you loud and clear and have developed a brand new kit for our collection of premium, EU-approved teeth whitening kits. It’s called the Instant Smile Kit, and it can help you whiten your teeth up to 11 shades in record time and maintain those results after your initial treatment.

What makes the Instant Smile kit unique is that it includes some exclusive products to help you ready your teeth for whitening, namely our 50ml Dental Cleansing Foam and our finger polish up wipes. These products help to remove debris from the teeth that can interfere with the actions of our whitening gel and slow down whitening results.

For your treatments, you receive a 10mL syringe of our teeth whitening gel and our LED light tray. The LED light speeds up the chemical reaction between the sodium perborate in the whitening gel and the stains on your teeth, so you get whiter results without having to resort to using dangerous non-EU approved products. The included Shade Guide allows you to see how much whiter your teeth get with every treatment.

Our exclusive Instant Smile Kit also provides the items you need to keep your teeth looking white during the weeks and months that follow your treatments. The included 50mL Whitening Foam is highly effective at eliminating mild stains that develop due to coffee, tea, cigarette smoke and other substances that stain the teeth.

You can learn more about our Instant Smile Kitinstant smile kit over on the official order page. Shipping is free to the UK, and we will also ship the kit anywhere worldwide with our affordable international shipping rates!


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