Introducing Our New Coco Whitening Kit!

Here at, we’re always looking for new ways to help people everywhere have whiter smiles. We know one of the biggest challenges that people face when it comes to whitening their teeth is sensitivity. Individuals with naturally sensitive teeth and gums frequently find that hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate teeth whitening gels are just too strong for them.

In the past, that meant that mancocokit_11111y of our customers have had to settle for using teeth whitening toothpastes and rinses that can make it hard to see results quickly. But now, we’re excited to say that there is a now a kit available that’s perfect for those with sensitivity concerns – the Coco Whitening Kit.

The Coco Whitening Kit uses a natural whitening agent that’s made from coconuts as its key ingredient rather than sodium perborate or hydrogen peroxide. The highly effective surfactant produces ionic scrubbing bubbles that go deep into the dental enamel to remove staining. In tests, the whitening gel has been shown to whiten teeth by five shades in just one week, and in our kit, you get enough gel to last you through 15 to 20 treatments.

Because of its natural formulation, the Coco Whitening Gel is a gentler choice that’s ideal for anyone who hasn’t been able to whiten in the past because of sensitivity. The kit provides everything that you need to get great results, including our LED blue laser light that speeds up whitening and our pre treatment that prepares your teeth for treatment.

To learn more about our Coco Whitening Kit, check out the official product page here at or contact us for more information.

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