How To Keep Your Teeth Whitening Kits Going For An Extended Amount of Time

Everyone has heard about how great teeth whitening kits can be, but I’m sure everyone has wondered if it is worth purchasing a new kit every single time you run out of your supplies. Depending on how often you use your kits, you could run out of supplies fairly quick. If you don’t take good care of all your materials, your kits could also run out fairly quick. Today I am going to help solve this problem, by telling you how to keep your teeth whitening kits for an extended amount of time.

The first thing you need to know is how to properly care for your teeth whitening kits. The biggest thing you can do is to save the box your kit came in. By doing this, you are given a clean, dry place in which to store all of your different whitening components. You will never loose them, and if put into a dry cabinet or on a high shelf, these components should never get damaged, giving you a security that your kit will at least last as long as it is supposed to.

In addition to storing your teeth whitening kit in it’s box, in a safe, dry place, you will also want to maintain all of the whitening equipment that comes with the kit. This can include any variation of the following: dual arch moulds, tooth swab, blue laser whitening light, and teeth shade chart. The dual arch moulds should be rinsed with water and dried after every use. If they came with a storage case, make sure you place them back inside the storage case after every use. If they did not come with a storage case, you could store them in a clear plastic bag with a tight zipper lock. The same rules apply to the tooth whitening swab, and the blue laser whitening light as with the dual arch moulds. The teeth shade chart should simply be kept dry and flat (to prevent crinkling), however.

Another way you extend the life of your whitening kit is to purchase gel refills instead of entire new kits. Usually the gel is what will run out first, so purchasing refills of this while there are still amounts of the other whitening products left can help to extend the life of your whitening for as little as one week or as long as two or three months. Remember that every day is a penny saved in the long run.

It’s not only the teeth whitening gel you can buy refills for, however. Once you have the basic (and necessary) whitening equipment (the dual arch moulds, tooth swab, blue laser light, and shade chart), you can begin to simply purchase the products individually, as you run out, to save money. This way your whitening kit can literally last a lifetime. The main reason most people buy kits, after all, is for the equipment that comes with the kits, even more than the products affiliated with specific kits see .



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