Got Sensitive Teeth? Try These Ideas

When you use an EU-approved tooth whitening gel to address stains, the procedure is safe for the dental enamel; however, some people still develop sensitivity symptoms due to teeth whitening. You’re more at risk of experiencing teeth whitening sensitivity if you suffer from sensitivity at other times, such as when you drink something hot or breathe in through your mouth on a cold day.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to diminis2015 NEW Lighth teeth whitening sensitivity, including:

Follow the directions carefully. Make sure you use the teeth whitening gel only as frequently as directed and for the length of time specified.

Make whitening the last thing that you do every day. Giving your teeth a chance to recover after whitening by going to sleep after your treatment can diminish the risk of sensitivity. Brush your teeth prior to treatment and drink only water until morning.

Watch your acid intake. During your 2-week treatment period, try to limit how many acidic foods and drinks you enjoy. The acids in foods like tomato sauce, vinegar, citrus fruits and other foods can worsen sensitivity.

Use OTC pain relievers. Assuming your doctor approves, you can use acetaminophen or ibuprofen prior to your treatment to ease any discomfort.

Get some fluoride. In clinical studies, sodium fluoride found in dental rinses and toothpastes has been shown to diminish the risk of sensitivity reactions. Some dentists even recommend that those who already have tooth sensitivity use a fluoride rinse for a few weeks prior to whitening in order to decrease the chances of sensitivity occurring.

Use a soft brush. Switch to a soft toothbrush if you don’t ordinarily use one until you’re finished with your whitening treatment.

One of the most important things that you can do to decrease your risk of experiencing teeth whitening sensitivity is to only use a whitening gel that is approved by the EU and that is sold by a reputable retailer. has a wide assortment of teeth whitening gel kits that meet EU standards, and we’re a trusted provider of teeth whitening supplies, not just for at-home use, but also in dentists’ offices. You can shop our entire selection of teeth whitening kits here.

Author – Sharron Hunt

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