Finding Cost-Effective Solutions in the Workplace

My job as a mid-level manager is not easy.  While the pay is nice, I still take on some of the executive pressures.  Being a troubleshooter is not easy while trying to save your company money.

Last year, it was my job to hire an engineer that had proven experience with a software program.  This is somewhat rare as I went through hundreds of applications every week with no prospects.  My bosses wanted someone and they wanted that someone fast, so I took action.

Reaching out to my business contacts, I was able to get a nice number of applicants that had some of what my company needed.  When it came to interviewing them, there was one gentleman that outshined the recent college grads with his skills and personality.  Problem was his teeth were so stained that they were a distraction.

Since this was a prolific position that meant making presentations on behalf of less-experienced engineers, I had my doubts.  However, in speaking post-interview I decided to bring him on based on his confidence and sense of humor.

While this new engineer was very personable and was a good worker, I still had my concerns as he smiled often.  One day, I walked into a conversation being held by some of the younger engineers.  They roasted this guy so bad that I decided to ask him out to lunch.

I liked this guy and wished those engineers could see what I did.  Anyway, I brought up the topic of dentists and he told me that he detested them.  Then I mentioned that there were oral products that could help to give him a white smile as I was once a smoker, he told me to give him the name because he actually liked my smile.

At this time, I was caught in the biggest lie of my life as my father is a dentist.  Upon returning to work, I called my dad immediately and explained my situation.  He laughed and told me about some EU -approved teeth whitening products that may be suited to the engineer at TeethWhiteningKits2You.

Instead of speaking to him face-to-face, I forwarded everything and he thanked me.  As we were getting ready for the annual meeting, I noticed some differences when he smiled.  I asked if the products were comfortable to use and he told me that he wish he’d known that home teeth whitening kits were so easy to use and inexpensive.  By the day of the meeting, I could tell that he had a new sense of confidence when he made his presentation.


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