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    Great service and brilliant results. I am really happy with how this has made me look and feel. Thank you so much.
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    Teeth Whitening Gels



    If you already have your own whitening trays and just need some teeth whitening gel refills then we have a good selection for you - all with Free UK Delivery. Our specially formulated gel from Europe gives amazing results with no tooth sensitivity. This amazing sodium perborate formula has only just become available in the UK and will give you the white smile you have always wanted!

    TeethWhiteningKits2You gels are all quality assured and approved by dentists across the UK - we know because we sell to them.  They come in massive 10 ml syringes - not the tiny 3 ml size that other websites try to sell you.

    They are all manufactured in the Europe, comply with all EU legislation and have a 2 year shelf life. Trading Standards approval from the UK means you know you are getting a quality product - beware of cheap imitations! They are all neutral in pH (acid) value which eliminates tooth sensitivity.

    Our amazing pre treatment liquid is excellent for removing stubborn surface stains and is best used first to enhance your smile even more.

     Gels x 2   £17.95 
     Gels x 2 
    All of the products on our website are manufactured in Europe and have been tested and quali...
     Gels x 4   £30.95 
     Gels x 4 
    Our teeth whitening gel is all made in Europe and has passed stringent safety and quality tests m...
     Gels x 6   £40.99 
     Gels x 6 
    Our remarkable non peroxide formula gels are fantastically successful at eliminating stubborn sta...
     Gels x 10 Best Buy   £65.95 
     Gels x 10 Best Buy 
    This incredible value mega pack of gel is all made in Europe and has passed all EU and Trading St...
     Coco Whitening Gel x 2   £18.95 
     Coco Whitening Gel x 2 
    New for 2015! Wishing you could get a whiter smile but too concerned about teeth sensitivity to...
     Coco Whitening Gel x 4   £32.95 
     Coco Whitening Gel x 4 
    New for 2015! Hydrogen peroxide and bleach based teeth whitening gels can be highly effective a...
     Fast Results LED Professional Booster Light   £8.49 
     Fast Results LED Professional Booster Light 
    Exclusive powerful LED lamp has a 5 amp booster, our light unit releases a UV light which generat...
     Pre Treatment Liquid and Dental Swab   £7.95 
     Pre Treatment Liquid and Dental Swab 
    This pre-treatment liquid comes in a 5ml bottle and is perfect for removing stains before the tee...
     Gels x 2 and 1 Pre Treatment inc Swab   £21.99 
     Gels x 2 and 1 Pre Treatment inc Swab 
    2 x 10ml of highly developed tooth whitening gel with 4.5ml of accelerator spray comes inclusive ...
     Gels x 4 and 2 Pre Treatment inc Swab   £37.95 
     Gels x 4 and 2 Pre Treatment inc Swab 
    4 x 10ml non peroxide formula teeth whitening gels including 2 x 4.5ml of highly concentrated pre...
     Gels x 6 and 3 Pre Treatment inc Swab   £50.95 
     Gels x 6 and 3 Pre Treatment inc Swab 
    Non peroxide formual teeth whitening gel refills x 6 10ml syringes including 3 x 4.5ml of co...
     Tooth Gloss 7ml   £9.99 
     Tooth Gloss 7ml 
    NEW! Easy application tooth gloss, mint flavoured includes gloss applicator. Our Certificati...
     Mouth Tray with Light   £11.99 
     Mouth Tray with Light 
    What makes an at-home teeth whitening treatment different than a clinical treatment? When you pur...
     7 LED Light Soft Mouth Tray with Brushes   £16.99 
     7 LED Light Soft Mouth Tray with Brushes 
    NEW for 2015 - Along with its added lighting, the 7 LED Light Soft Mouth Piece with Brushes has...
     Dual Arch Mouth Trays individually foil sealed x 10   £21.99 
     Dual Arch Mouth Trays individually foil sealed x 10 
    10 individually wrapped dual arch mouth trays for teeth whitening. Suitable for use with LED lights.


    Our laboratory, as well as all of our equipment, is compliant with EC European standards and is fitted with production tools that establish new quality standards in the production of dental whitening processes.
    Thanks to our equipment's performance level and our team's training in GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics).
    Furthermore, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, our production site has been declared to the ANSM (National Security Agency of the Medicaments and Healt Products ), which inspects and approves our products and equipment.